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Dark Psychology E-books Bundle [30 EBOOKS]

Dark Psychology E-books Bundle [30 EBOOKS]

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30 ebooks of Dark Psychology, Manipulation and Human Mind Powers 

🔘 Learn how to Analyze People 👁‍🗨
🔘 Learn how to Avoid Manipulation ☢
🔘 Learn how to Fight Mental War 💯

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✏ Books included in this bundle:

  1. How To Analyze People: 13 Laws About the Manipulation of the Human Mind, 7 Strategies to Quickly Figure Out Body Language, Dive into Dark Psychology and Persuasion for Making People Do What You Want
  2. How to Analyze People - Dark Secrets to Analyze and Influence Anyone Using Body Language
  3. Dark Psychology: Super advanced techniques to persuade anyone
  4. Manipulation Dark Psychology to Manipulate and Control People
  5. Dark Psychology: The Practical Uses and Best Defenses of Psychological Warfare in Everyday Life - How to Detect and Defend Against Manipulation, Deception, Dark Persuasion, and Covert NLP
  6. Dark Psychology Secrets: Defense Manipulation, Emotional Influence, Persuasion, Deception, Mind Control, Covert Nlp, Brainwashing and Hypnosis
  7. Dark Psychology (3 Books in 1) Manipulation and Dark Psychology; Persuasion and Dark Psychology; Dark NLP
  8. Dark Psychology and Manipulation Techniques: Discover the Secrets of Learning the Art of Persuasion to Influence People with Brainwashing, Deception, NLP, Hypnosis, Body Language, and Mind Control
  9. Dark Psychology: The only practical guide that will teach you the secrets to analyze people and let you know in 7.57 seconds if they are manipulating you with body language
  11. Covert Narcissism: Signs of a Covert Narcissist, Ways to Protect Yourself From Their Manipulation and How to Deal With Their Narcissism
  12. Persuasion Tactics: Covert Psychology Strategies to Influence, Persuade, & Get Your Way (Without Manipulation)
  13. Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact
  14. The Art Of Psychological Warfare
  15. How To Find a Black Cat in a Dark Room: The Psychology of Intuition, Influence, Decision Making and Trust
  16. Covert Narcissism: Signs of a Covert Narcissist, Ways to Protect Yourself From Their Manipulation and How to Deal With Their Narcissism
  17. Dark Psychology and Manipulation: The Best Mind Control and Persuasion Techniques, Learn to Recognize Body Language, and Use the Secrets of Emotional Intelligence to Your Advantage
  18. Words That Change Minds: The 14 Patterns for Mastering the Language of Influence
  19. Social Engineering: The Art of Psychological Warfare, Human Hacking, Persuasion, and Deception
  20. Emotional Intelligence Mastery Bible: 7 Books in 1: Manipulation and Dark Psychology, How to Analyze People, Dark NLP, Dark Psychology Secrets, Persuasion, Empath, Empath Healing.
  21. Banned Mind Control Techniques Unleashed: Learn The Dark Secrets Of Hypnosis, Manipulation, Deception, Persuasion, Brainwashing And Human Psychology
  22. Influence - The Psychology of Persuasion (Collins Business Essentials)
  23. Five Ways of Doing Qualitative Analysis: Phenomenological Psychology, Grounded Theory, Discourse Analysis, Narrative Research, and Intuitive Inquiry
  24. Manipulation Techniques: How to understand and influence people using Mind Control, Subliminal Persuasion, Self Discipline, NLP and Body Language. 101 Tips&tricks and Dark Psychology Secrets
  25. The 11 Rules of Persuasion: How to Master People's Emotions, Understand their Intrinsic Motivations and Convince them of Your Ideas Incl. NLP and Dark Psychology
  26. Dark Psychology Secret: The Essential Guide to Persuasion, Emotional Manipulation, Deception, Mind Control, Human Behavior, NLP and Hypnosis, How To Stop Being Manipulated And Defend Your Mind
  27. Subliminal Psychology 101_ Discover Secret Manipulation Techniques and (Slightly Unethical) Tricks to Furtively Persuade Anyone Through Dark Psychology and NLP (Dark Psychology Academy Book 3)
  28. Dark Psychology and Manipulation: 2 in 1 - Discover the hidden secrets of Dark Psychology, NLP, Manipulation and Body Language. Learn how to analyse people, detect deception and influence anyone
  29. Dark Psychology and Emotional Manipulation Mastery: For a successful life, the last NLP techniques, dark psychology, the art of persuasion, emotional intelligence, mind control and a winning mindset
  30. MANIPULATION AND DARK PSYCHOLOGY: How to Analyze People with Manipulation Techniques, Hypnosis, Influencing People and Become a Master of Persuasion! Body Language, NLP and Mind Control

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